One of the main tasks we do, is the supply of food products to retailers and caterers.

Today  ENERGY company offers on the market of the Republic of Belarus the following brands of food:

  • Tea of the brand «Ahmad Tea» (produced in factories in United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Russia), with whom cooperation is highly important  since 1995. In 2012 the percentage of tea «Ahmad tea» among all English teas on the market of the Republic of Belarus, contains 73%.
  • Spanish olives of the brand «Exoliva» (since 2006)
  • Italian coffee of the brand «Compagnia Dell'Arabica» (since 2009)

Our first supplier partner on the Belorussian market was the German company «Peter Mertes», which manufactures high-quality natural grape wines.

Further, during the period of the forming of market in the Republic of Belarus, after obtaining the independence (1995- 1998), our company had various direct contracts with foreign companies:

  • 1995 - the company «AOR» (Belgium) - supply of oil,
  • 1995-1996, - the company «Ingman» (Finland) - supply of dairy products,
  • 1996-1998: - the company «Imperial» (Sri Lanka) - supply of tea,
  • 1996-1998: - the company «Brinkers» (Netherlands) - supply of margarine,
  • 1997 and 1998 - with the company «Valio» (Finland) - supply of dairy products,
  • 2000 - with «SDS» company (Russia) - supply of coffee.

Because of common adverse market conditions for the sale and the financial crisis in August 1998, the import to the territory of Belarus and sale of the above-listed products was stopped.

In 2006 we made contracts with Chilean companies «Vina Carta Vieja SA», «Vina Ventisquero Ltd.»  and French company «Ackerman-Remy Pannier» for the import of high-quality wines.
In 2009, due to state restrictions on the import of alcohol products our cooperating with those companies was temporarily stopped.

Our company provides services to the clients on the whole territory of the Republic of Belarus. We work with bona fide paying and responsible customers and partners. We covered the leading retail trade of  the Republic of Belarus and the major trade chains, as well as the republican and local.
In the structure of ENERGY company is highlighted marketing department, which promotes products on the market of the Republic of Belarus - as sales and marketing support.
The agent network is represented by 12 regional offices.
Currently, except the existing businesses and products, the company is actively improving, looking for new ways of development and create new projects.

In 2014 Energy opened boat and motor service «Boatswain». The centre provides diagnosis, prevention and repair of motor boat leading world brands.
Also, in 2014 Energy started to supply the professional coffee machines WEGA.