logo ENI LTD
"ENI LTD." - basic customs terminal, serving the south of Minsk region of Belarus. It was established in 1999.

The main services which are provided for businesses and individuals:

  • full range of services that are directly necessary for customs clearance - storage under customs control of goods and vehicles
  • product placement and vehicles for customs clearance, customs control operations, freight and customs operations.

ООО "Энергия"
г. Солигорск, ул. Строителей, 30а   

Тел: (0174) 22-49-31
Факс: (0174) 22-49-31

Представительство в Минске:

220019, Минск
4-й переулок Монтажников, д.6, офис 331
Тел: 8 017 206 90 61
Факс: 8 017 360 18 55